Ultralow Noise Regulators

Analog Devices offers a unique family of ultralow noise linear and switching regulators for applications that have severe noise requirements—for example, sensitive RF or audio circuits in a confined environment. These regulators are offered in step-up, step-down, inverting, flyback, and Ćuk topologies. Noise levels are typically in the tens of microvolts.
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chip-LT8650S-2xSilent Switcher®: High Efficiency, Low EMI

Silent Switchers from ADI offer high efficiency at high switching frequencies while maintaining ultralow EMI emissions, and the newest addition to the Silent Switcher family adds unrivaled ease-of-use: The LT8650S delivers a compact dual-output 4A synchronous step-down solution that is up to 95% efficient at 2MHz while easily passing the CISPR 25 class 5 peak EMI limits. View the product line and get full specifications on our Silent Switcher page.

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