DC Motor Driver

ADI Trinamic's DC motor driver ICs integrate a highly efficient power stage with internal charge pump, delivering best-in-class RDSon resistance. Even at low supply voltages, the tiny DC motor driver chips provide high current for best results. With full control via UART, protection and diagnostics allow for robust and reliable operation of DC drives, supporting cost-effective system designs with efficient and reliable operation.

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Real-Time Feedback and Control

Under common conditions, the position of a stepper motor is deterministic and predictable, but what about when the motor does not behave as expected? Many devices demand real-world, real-time feedback from the motor for added safety and monitoring purposes. Closed-loop operation of motors can furthermore increase the efficiency and overall performance of your application, for example by reducing the current when the motor is on standby and increasing the current under load conditions. As such, closed-loop control increases the system’s control reliability and flexibility.

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Magnetic Encoder ICs

FOC Servo Out of the Box

Field oriented control (FOC) is the most efficient way to drive motors. It transforms actual phase currents from stator-fixed to field-synchronous coordinate systems by using two mathematical transformations. The resulting coordinate system has only two dimensions (magnetic flux and torque), which are orthogonal components and can be visualized as a vector; hence FOC may sometimes be called vector control. FOC was originally developed for high end applications and has traditionally been difficult to implement. ADI Trinamic™ technology offers FOC as an easy-to-use hardware building block.

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FOC Servo Out of the Box