Phased Array RF Front-End ICs (LNA, PA, Switch)

Analog Devices offers integrated Front End ICs for phased array antennas, providing a more compact solution which is more easily deployed. The Front End ICs can be paired with Analog Devices beamforming ICs (such as ADAR1000) for analog beamforming antenna or transceiver / data converter products for digital beamforming antenna. These Front End ICs integrate the Power Amplifier (PA), Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), and transmit / receive Switch (SW) that mate with the antenna element for radar applications. The compact size and simplification of these products enable flat panel array technology that would have previously been very difficult with conventional standard single function products. These products not only contain the PA/LNA/SW but all of the passive circuitry needed for utilizing these parts. Some of these products may be used in CW applications such as datalinks as well as pulsed radar applications.