Differential Amplifiers and ADC Drivers

Analog Devices Single and Fully differential ADC drivers offer precision DC specs and are designed to better reject high frequency PSRR and CMRR through their differential input and output architectures.

Analog Devices ADC drivers configured for both precision and high speed differential amps come with a VOCM pin, providing a critical but convenient solution when interfacing with analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). Key performance in any ADC driver is achieved by quickly settling out the considerable sampling glitch energy delivered to the amplifier output(s) by the ADC input’s sampling circuit. Whether you need to drive a single or dual differential input ADC or send and receive signals over long cable lengths, Analog Devices has developed a broad portfolio of high speed differential amplifiers that provides the high performance needed to meet any requirement.

The differential input and output also offer system improvement by reducing the total harmonic distortion received by the ADC.

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