Zero-Drift Op Amps

The latest zero-drift amplifiers from Analog Devices combine both auto-zero and chopping techniques to continuously self-correct for dc errors over time and temperature. This enables the amplifiers to achieve <4 microvolts of input offset error and input drift error of >20 nanovolts per degree Celsius. By design, zero-drift amplifiers have no 1/f voltage noise, nor do they suffer from long-term drift, making them ideal for low speed sensing.

By reducing the drift and noise, these products decrease the need for constant system level calibration. Additionally, very small LFCSP packages reduce board space, and on-chip electromagnetic interference filters speed development time by eliminating the need for collaboration circuitry. They accomplish all these features while controlling cost. The new ADA4523-1, LTC2065, and LTC2068 are appropriate for applications requiring current sensing of electronic loads, power supplies, and motor control and offset correction in composite amplifiers used in instrumentation. ADI’s zero-drift amplifier portfolio is an ideal choice for high performance projects and in products that are required to have a long lifecycle.
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Space Saving Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers

Small packages enable smaller boards and system space savings in space constrained or feature dense applications, while still delivering high performance.

Featured products:

LTC2063 2uA supply current, low IB Zero-Drift amplifier in 2mm x 1.25mm 6 lead SC-70 package

LTC2057HV 60V, Low Noise Zero-Drift amplifier with shutdown in 3mm x 3mm DFN package

LTC2068 quad Zero-Drift amplifiers in 3mm x 3mm QFN package

Small Package Zero-Drift Amplifiers

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36 V, Low Noise, Zero Drift Op Amp



Quad 10μA Supply Current, Low IB, Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier



2μA Supply Current, Low IB, Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers