Low Voltage Power Supplies

In this video, Linear Technology Co-founder and CTO Bob Dobkin discusses low voltage power supplies less than half a volt. Most of today's power supplies have a reference of 0.6 volts, which means the output voltage must be greater than 0.6 volts. Several years ago, Linear Technology pioneered a new type of current source reference that makes it easy for the output of a power supply to go down to zero volts.

If you take a look at the next generation of core voltages or the next generation of FPGAs, they are produced using finer line width processes, with core voltages that go down to 0.5 volts or even 0.4 volts. So there will be a need for lower power supplies. Biological supplies are always less than a volt. A lot of test systems and biasing is needed to get down below a volt.

This video examines ways of achieving these low voltage supplies.