Isolated Controller Area Network (CAN)

ADI isolated controller area network (CAN) transceivers provide the differential physical layer interface between the data layer link, hardware protocol (for example, embedded in some of ADI's Blackfin® processors), and the physical wiring of the CAN bus. ADI's portfolio includes transceivers with integrated iCoupler® and isoPower® isolation, providing, fully isolated off-the-shelf CAN PHY's
Product Selection Table

Isolated CAN

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SortOrderPart#Data Rate
Prop Delay
# of ChannelsIout Isolated Supply
Isolated Vout
Insulation Rating
(V rms)
Temp RangeAutomotiveUS Price 1000 to 4999
($ US)
1ADM3054 1M 90n 1-- 5k 25k -40 to 125°C Yes $2.10
2ADM3053 1M 90n 1 195m 5 2.5k 25k -40 to 85°C No $5.50
3ADM3052 1M 90n 1-- 5k 25k -40 to 85°C No $3.50