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TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION — ADP1621 : Constant-Frequency, Current-Mode Step-Up DC/DC Controller

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  • ADP1621 ±15V Dual-Output SEPIC-Cuk  (pdf, 1239 kB)
  • ADP1621 28V Boost  (pdf, 168 kB)
    Iout of at least 0.5 amps (will do more). Simulation results showing stability and transient response.
  • PRD1205: Quasi-Isolated Flyback  (pdf, 0)
    This is a 10V - 14 input isolated flyback converter which uses the ADP1621 controller and an AD8691 operational amplifier. The target application of this converter is for powering a portable media player from the accessory power outlet of an automobile.
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