µModule Inverting Regulators

Analog Devices inverting µModule® (micromodule) regulators are complete system-in-package (SiP) power management solutions with integrated dc-to-dc controllers, power transistors, input and output capacitors, and compensation components within a compact, surface-mount BGA or LGA package. Inverting µModule regulators effectively address the needs of engineers facing time and space constraints, yet who are in need of a highly efficient and reliable power management solution.
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A µModule power product simplifies implementation, Verification, and Manufacturing of complex power circuits by integrating the power function in a compact molded plastic package.

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µModule Inverting Regulators

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SortOrderPart#Number of OutputsVin
Output Current
Parallelable Output Current
TopologyFeaturesPrice (1000+)
($ US)
1LTM4651 1 3.6 58-- Inverting EN55022 Class B Certified, External Synchronization, PolyPhase, Power Good, Resistor Set Frequency $14.75 (LTM4651EY#PBF)
2LTM8049 2 2.6 20 1- Inverting, Sepic Power Good $14.20 (LTM8049EY#PBF)
3LTM8045Reference Circuit Available 1 2.8 18 1- Inverting, Sepic External Synchronization, Resistor Set Frequency $6.97 (LTM8045EY#PBF)