1700MHz to 3000MHz High-Linearity, Low LO Leakage Base-Station Rx/Tx Mixer

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Fully Integrated Up/Downconverter Delivers 7.5dB of Conversion Loss, 31dBm of IIP3, 7.8dB of NF, 63dBc of 2LO - 2RF Rejection, and -52dBm LO - RF Leakage While Replacing a Passive Mixer, an LO Amp, Two Baluns, an LO Switch, Plus Dozens of Discrete Components

Part Details
  • +31dBm Typical 3rd-Order Input Intercept Point
  • +23dBm Typical Input 1dB Compression Point
  • 1700MHz to 3000MHz RF Frequency Range
  • 1900MHz to 3000MHz LO Frequency Range
  • DC to 350MHz IF Frequency Range
  • 7.5dB Typical Conversion Loss
  • 7.8dB Typical Noise Figure
  • -160dBc/Hz LO Noise
  • -52dBm LO Leakage at RF Port
  • 67dBc LO ± 2IF Spurious Suppression
  • -3dBm to +6dBm LO Drive
  • +5V Single-Supply Operation
  • Built-In SPDT LO Switch with 43dB LO1 to LO2 Isolation and 50ns Switching Time
  • Internal RF and LO Baluns for Single-Ended Inputs
  • External Current-Setting Resistor Provides Option for Operating Mixer in Reduced Power/Reduced Performance Mode
  • Lead-Free Package Available
  • Additional Details
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    The MAX2043 high-linearity passive upconverter or downconverter mixer is designed to provide approximately +31dBm of IIP3, +67dBc of LO ± 2IF spurious rejection, 7.8dB of noise figure, 7.5dB of conversion loss, and -52dBm of LO leakage for UMTS/WCDMA, DCS, PCS, and WiMAX base-station applications. With a 1700MHz to 3000MHz RF frequency range and a 1900MHz to 3000MHz LO frequency range, this mixer is ideal for high-side LO injection architectures.

    In addition to offering excellent linearity and noise performance, the MAX2043 also yields a high level of component integration. The MAX2043 integrates baluns in the RF and LO ports, a dual-input LO-selectable switch, an LO buffer, and a double-balanced mixer. The on-chip baluns allow for a single-ended RF input for downconversion (or RF output for upconversion), and single-ended LO inputs. The MAX2043 requires a typical 0dBm LO drive, and supply current is rated at a typical 108mA level. The IF port is DC-coupled, making it ideal for direct conversion or modulation. As an upconverter, the device has low output noise floor of less than -160dBc/Hz (-160dBm/Hz when transmitting 0dBm linear RF power).

    The MAX2043 is available in a 36-pin thin QFN package (6mm x 6mm) with an exposed paddle. Electrical performance is guaranteed over the extended -40°C to +85°C temperature range.


    • cdmaOne™ and cdma2000® Base Stations
    • DCS 1800 and EDGE Base Stations
    • Digital and Spread-Spectrum Communication Systems
    • Microwave Links
    • PCS 1900 and EDGE Base Stations
    • Point-to-Point Microwave Systems
    • Private Mobile Radio
    • UMTS/WCDMA and 3G Base Stations
    • WiMAX™ Base Stations and Customer Premise Equipment
    • Wireless Local Loop

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