Isolated LVDS

Isolated LVDS (low voltage differential signaling) devices couple differential signals applied to the LVDS receiver inputs across the isolation barrier to the outputs on the other side and re-transmits the bit stream or clock as LVDS. Analog Devices' drop-in LVDS isolators offer designers robust, high speed differential signaling for point-to-point and multidrop applications. Extending iCoupler® chip scale transformer technology for ultrahigh speed data encoding, these LVDS isolators support a a data rate of up to 2.5 Gigabits per channel for a total bandwidth of 10 Gbps. In contrast to expensive fiber implementations, deserialized links over standard digital isolators or optocouplers, and design-intensive bespoke solutions using transformers or high voltage capacitors, ADI Gigabit Digital LVDS isolators offer the only integrated comprehensive, high performance isolation at 10 Gbps. High performance galvanic isolation for applications include analog front-end (AFE), processor to processor serial communication, or video and imaging data (such as HDMI isolators) as well as isolation between boards, or at a cable interface for LVDS or CML signal chains.
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