PANdrive Smart Motors

ADI Trinamic's PANdrive was one of the first smart motor solutions to hit the market when most people were still thinking in terms of motors and amplifiers. Nowadays, the PANdrive families embody decades of experience in motor and motion control. An established product in the industry and offered in many sizes, PANdrive smart motors are the complete mechatronic solution for all your needs.

Ready for Connectivity

A motor drive system consists of several functional building blocks. The motion controller receives commands over a selected interface, in a defined protocol. The commands are translated into signals for the motor control and driver part. For this transformation of digital information into perfect physical motion, ADI Trinamic™ products cover a wide range of interfaces and protocols.

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Board-Level Communication

We Transform Digital Information into Physical Motion

Transforming digital information into physical motion is not as simple as just translating data into movement. Motion control technology must be flexible to support evolving device capabilities, efficient to satisfy space constraints of shrinking footprints, and of course, easy to implement, whether it’s driving advanced robotics and automation, battery-powered medical devices, IoT, or any other application. ADI Trinamic™ motion control technology elevates essential motor characteristics into competitive advantages by transforming digital information into perfect physical motion.

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FOC Servo Out of the Box

Field oriented control (FOC) is the most efficient way to drive motors. It transforms actual phase currents from stator-fixed to field-synchronous coordinate systems by using two mathematical transformations. The resulting coordinate system has only two dimensions (magnetic flux and torque), which are orthogonal components and can be visualized as a vector; hence FOC may sometimes be called vector control. FOC was originally developed for high end applications and has traditionally been difficult to implement. ADI Trinamic™ technology offers FOC as an easy-to-use hardware building block.

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FOC Servo Out of the Box