High Speed D/A Converters ≥30MSPS

ADI high speed (≥30MSPS) DA converters include wideband radio frequency, intermediate frequency signal processing, and general-purpose baseband classes. These products are employed in wired and wireless communications, instrumentation, radar, electronic warfare, and other applications. Our portfolio of high speed DACs range from 30 MSPS to multi-GSPS with resolutions ranging from 8 bits to 16 bits. Our DACs are fully supported with complete data sheets and evaluation boards to reduce time to market and system design costs. These DACs are recommended for use with ADI’s clocking and timing products, as well as RF products and power management.

High Speed Signal Processing: Making Space in a Crowded Spectrum

The airwaves are getting crowded, and system designers are looking to untapped portions of the frequency spectrum to support higher bandwidths and millimeter wave (mmW) technologies. New capabilities and features become possible as system designers in aerospace and defense, communication infrastructure, and instrumentation learn to leverage more of the frequency spectrum and create a better user experience.

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High Speed Signal Processing

High Speed Converter Innovations on 28 nm CMOS

Introducing the first of a new line of RF converters designed for GHz bandwidth applications such as 4G/5G multiband wireless communications base stations, multi-standard production test systems, and defense electronics. Based on 28 nm CMOS technology, these ADCs and DACs provide best-in-class bandwidth, power and dynamic range to cover the largest number of signal bands.

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High Speed Converter
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