Solving Low Power Precision Measurement Design Challenges

Precise measurement of real-world signals is a key differentiator for battery powered equipment in a variety of applications such as field instruments, portable medical devices, and asset monitoring. Achieving the highest degree of accuracy has traditionally involved a big trade off against power efficiency, compromising the available performance to low-power applications.

This webinar will demonstrate how engineers can leverage the latest breakthroughs in low-power precision technology from Analog Devices, highlighting precision signal chains that simplify the complex challenges of precision analog design in portable and remote devices.

Topics include:

  • Identification of the key engineering challenges and trade-offs in your low-power precision measurement applications
  • Breakthrough performance of low-power devices from Analog Devices through the analog signal chain from sensor to bits
  • The solutions available for individual sensor types including temperature, pressure, vibration, and combinations
  • Complete signal chain solutions across a variety of applications, optimisable for accuracy, size, and low-power