Bypass, Diversity, Matrix & Transfer

Analog Devices positive control transfer switches and switch matrix products are used in applications including test instrumentation; DBS LNBs and multiswitches; military radios, radar, and ECM; and fiber optics and broadband telecommunications.
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Bypass, Diversity, Matrix, and Transfer

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SortOrderPart#RF Switch ConfigSpecial FeaturesFreq Response RF (min)
Freq Response RF (max)
Insertion Loss (typ)
Off Isolation (typ)
Input Power (max)
Config/Programming InterfaceP-0.1 dB Input (typ)
IP3 Input (typ)
Specs at Freq
Absorptive/ReflectiveUS Price 1000 to 4999
($ US)
1HMC427A Special Purpose Transfer 0 8G 1.5 43 27 Positive Voltage- 43 6G Reflective Open-
2HMC199A Special Purpose SPDT 0 2.5G 0.4 25 29.3 Positive Voltage 27 55 2G Reflective Open-
3HMC596 Special Purpose 4x2 Matrix 0.2G 3G 6.5 40 23 TTL/CMOS Compatible 22 27 2G Non-Reflective-
4HMC427 Special Purpose Transfer 0 8G 1.2 38 27 Positive Voltage 25 43 6G Reflective Open-