RF Impedance Matching Calculator

Calculates the network to match a line to a specific complex load.


This tool calculates the matching network necessary to terminate a line of the specified characteristic impedence (Zo) in a specific complex load impedence (RL + jXL) at a specified frequency. It supports both balanced and unbalanced lines. The tool provides two networks that will have the desired impedence at that frequency, but their behavior will differ at frequencies above and below the frequency specified, so you may prefer one over the other, depending upon your application.

This tool allows for three ways of specifying the complex load impedance. The user can specify the real and imaginary impedence directly, or supply R and C values or S parameters (magnitude and phase). Results are displayed only when all of the input parameters have been provided. Its response to changes in user input is as-you-type and nearly instantaneous so no Submit button is needed.