ADI offers industry's broadest selection of wideband RF mixers, microwave mixers and millimeter wave mixers. By utilizing innovative new high frequency design and pacakging techniques and process technologies, ADI offers a complete portfolio of discrete as well as integrated, wideband and high frequency solutions for up to 90GHz. With ADI's mixer portfolio designers can be assured to find a mixer that best fits their performance, price and packaging requirements.

Analog Design Tool: ADIsimRF™

ADIsimRF is an easy-to-use RF signal chain calculator. It calculates Cascaded Gain, Noise Figure, IP3, P1dB and Power Consumption. The number of stages can be varied up to a maximum of 20. Stages can be easily inserted, removed or temporarily muted.


I/Q and Image Reject Mixers

In-phase quadrature (I/Q) mixers and image reject mixers (IRM) offer a robust frequency mixing solution for applications that require high image rejection or sideband suppression.

I/Q Downconverters/Receivers

ADI in-phase quadrature (I/Q) downconverters integrate an image reject mixer, a low noise amplifier, a 90° hybrid, and an LO buffer amplifier in one high performance package.

I/Q Upconverters/Transmitters

ADI in-phase quadrature (I/Q) upconverters integrate an I/Q mixer, RF amplifier, 90° hybrid, and an LO buffer in one high performance package.

RF Mixers with Integrated LO

ADI RF mixers/multipliers promise high performance and flexibility to help designers achieve their target specifications, reduce design time, and optimize costs.

Single, Double & Triple Balanced Mixers

ADI single-, double-, and triple-balanced mixers help meet the varied needs of RF, microwave, and millimeter wave applications.

Sub-Harmonic Mixers

ADI subharmonic mixers allow designers to use low LO frequency, easing the need to generate a high frequency LO signal while providing a simpler alternative to traditional mixers.