I/Q Modulators & Demodulators

Analog Devices offers broadband and narrowband IQ modulators and IQ demodulators with excellent dynamic range, suitable for zero IF (ZIF) designs. ADI's IQ modulators and demodulators are commonly used for direct downconversion designs for point to point radio designs, test and measurement instrumentation applications.

All I/Q Modulators & Demodulators

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SortOrderPart#RF Primary FunctionFreq Response RF
Freq Response RF
Freq BB 3 dB BW
Specified at Freq
US Price 1000 to 4999
($ US)
1ADRF6821 I/Q Demod w/LO 450M 2.8G 1G- 2G $15.58
2ADRF6720-27 I/Q Mod w/LO, I/Q Modulators 400M 3G 1G 31.1 2.1G $7.95
3ADRF6720Reference Circuit Available I/Q Mod w/LO 700M 3G 1G- 2.1G $7.95
4ADRF6820 I/Q Demod w/LO 695M 2.7G 1.4G 37 1900M $12.98
5HMC1197 I/Q Mod w/LO 100M 4G 600M- 0.9G-
6ADRF6755 I/Q Mod w/LO, I/Q Modulators 300M 2.31G 600M 20.5 1.8G $7.99
7HMC1097 I/Q Modulators 100M 6G 700M- 0.9G-
8ADRF6807 I/Q Demod w/LO 700M 1.05G 170M 26.7 900M $9.98
9ADRF6704 I/Q Mod w/LO 2.05G 3G 750M 27.2 2.7G $7.00
10ADRF6701 I/Q Mod w/LO, I/Q Modulators 400M 1.25G 750M- 0.95G $7.00
11ADRF6703 I/Q Mod w/LO 1.55G 2.65G 750M 32.7 2.3G $7.00
12ADRF6702Reference Circuit Available I/Q Mod w/LO 1.2G 2.4G 750M 30.1 1.96G $7.00
13ADRF6801Reference Circuit Available I/Q Demod w/LO 750M 1.15G 275M 25 900M $9.98
14ADRF6850 I/Q Demod w/LO 100M 1G 300M 22.5 1000M $9.98
15ADRF6806 I/Q Demod w/LO 50M 525M 170M 28.5 140M $9.98
16HMC795 I/Q Modulators 50M 2.8G 440M- 1G-
17ADRF6750 I/Q Mod w/LO, I/Q Modulators 950M 1.575G 600M 23 1.575G $7.24
18ADL5380Reference Circuit Available I/Q Demodulators 400M 6G 390M 27.8 1.9G $5.28
19ADL5386 I/Q Modulators 50M 2.2G 700M 25 0.35G $5.29
20ADL5382 I/Q Demodulators 700M 2.7G 370M 30.5 1.9G $5.28
21ADL5375Reference Circuit Available I/Q Modulators 400M 6G 750M 23.4 0.9G $5.04
22ADL5387Reference Circuit Available I/Q Demodulators 30M 2G 240M 31 140M $5.28
23AD8339 I/Q Demodulators 0 50M 50M 31 5M $12.09
24ADL5373 I/Q Modulators 2.3G 3G 500M- 2.5G $5.04
25ADL5591 I/Q Modulators 805M 1.905G 250M- 1.9G $4.98
26ADL5590 I/Q Modulators 869M 900M 250M- 900M $4.98
27ADL5372 I/Q Modulators 1.5G 2.5G 500M 27 1.9G $5.04
28ADL5371 I/Q Modulators 500M 1.5G 500M- 900M $5.04
29ADL5385Reference Circuit Available I/Q Modulators 300M 2.2G 500M 26 0.35G $5.04
30ADL5370 I/Q Modulators 300M 1G 500M- 450M $5.04
31AD8333 I/Q Demodulators 0 50M 50M 30 5M $9.06
32AD8349 I/Q Modulators 700M 2.7G 160M 21 0.9G $5.02
33AD8348 I/Q Demodulators 50M 1G 125M 28 380M $5.01
34AD8347 I/Q Demodulators 800M 2.7G 65M 11.5 1.9G $5.85
35AD8345 I/Q Modulators 140M 1G 80M 25 0.8G $5.02
36AD8346 I/Q Modulators 800M 2.5G 70M 20 1.9G $4.45