Frequency Dividers, Multipliers, & Detectors

Analog Devices’ broad portfolio of frequency dividers, multipliers, and detectors offers a number of high performance solutions, with features such as ultralow phase noise and improved frequency lock time to meet the demands of modern technology. Explore our product lines and discover how they can meet your industry, market, and design needs.

• Satellite communications
• Fiber optics
• Military and space
• Test and measurement equipment
• Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios

Frequency Dividers, Prescalers & Counters

ADI frequency dividers, prescalers, and counters offer programmable divide options, excellent system noise performance, and features that help reduce component count and cost.

Frequency Multipliers

ADI active and passive frequency multipliers enable designers to economically multiply lower frequencies to higher frequencies without creating measurable additive phase noise.

Phase Frequency Detectors

Analog Devices phase frequency detectors offer high performance and ultralow phase noise in a low cost, compact package.