Condition-based Monitoring (CbM) Development Platforms

Developing accurate, reliable condition monitoring solutions for industrial assets requires a combination of technologies and design considerations to capture and convert critical signals into actionable insights, enabling diagnostic and predictive maintenance solutions.

Analog Devices' condition-based monitoring platforms combine sensor and signal chain technologies with the embedded software required to integrate these technologies and accelerate sensor data collection.

These platforms deliver high quality, reliable data for asset evaluation and diagnostic solution development. Access to the critical design files accelerate time to market by solving the sensor, signal chain, and communication challenges required to monitor your critical assets.

Choosing the Best Solution

Integrated Vibration Sensor



Industrial grade, wideband, low noise triaxial vibration sensor with built-in signal processing for vibration data analysis

  • Multi-axis vibration from dc to 10 kHz
  • Mechanical design preserves vibration performance and simplifies sensor attachment
  • Flexible SPI output simplifies connectivity
  • Ideal for mechanical system fault and early bearing fault diagnostics on motors, pumps, bearings, and high rotational speed machinery such as CNC machine spindles

Explore the ADcmXL3021

Vibration Sensor Reference Designs



Reference design for converting the low noise, wideband ADXL1002 MEMS accelerometer’s output to an IEPE-compatible sensor interface

  • Industrial grade vibration sensor and signal chain reference design
  • Full dc to 10 kHz vibration response
  • Compatible with existing piezoelectric IEPE data acquisition systems

Explore the EVAL-CN0532



Reference design for converting the low noise, wideband ADXL1002 MEMS accelerometer’s output to a 4-20 mA Current Loop sensor interface

  • Industrial grade vibration sensor and signal chain design
  • DC to 10 kHz, + 3dB bandwidth
  • Compatible with 4-20mA current loop data acquisition systems

Explore the EVAL-CN0533

Vibration Sensor Data Acquisition Reference Designs



IEPE Sensor Data Acquisition Reference Design for Condition Based Monitoring Applications

  • High Resolution, Low Noise Data Acquisition for Industrial Applications
  • IEPE compatible interface with constant current source
  • Suitable for Wide Bandwidth and Low Noise Sensors
  • Arduino compatible interface and form factor

Explore the EVAL-CN0540

Voyager 3 Wireless Vibration Monitoring Platform


Wireless Condition Monitoring Platform

Wireless Platform
MEMS-based wireless vibration monitoring kit for accelerating asset monitoring and solution development

  • Based on the ADXL356 MEMS vibration sensor
  • Highly reliable, low power wireless mesh technology
  • Mechanically designed to simplify sensor-to-asset attachment

Ideal for wireless monitoring of industrial assets, mechanical system faults and early bearing defect diagnosis on general-purpose machinery such as low/medium voltage motors, pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, etc.

Explore our Voyager 3, Wireless Vibration Monitoring Platform

Wired Vibration Monitoring Platform


Wired Platform

Wired Platform
Robust RS-485 communication interface combined with the ADcmXL3021 to enable higher bandwidth vibration monitoring solutions for industrial environments

  • Converts SPI to RS-485 to provide immunity and enable longer data transmissions
  • Power over data lines (phantom power) simplifies cable interface
  • Multiple design options address cost, noise immunity, and design flexibility

Ideal for mechanical system fault and early bearing fault diagnostics on motors, pumps, bearings, and high rotational speed machinery such as CNC machine spindles.

Explore our Wired Vibration Monitoring platform

Condition-based Monitoring (CbM) Development Platform



Provides high quality IEPE-compliant sensor data to accelerate condition-based monitoring algorithm development. Quickly stream high quality MEMS vibration sensor data directly into popular data analysis tools such as Tensorflow and MATLAB.

  • Wide bandwidth MEMS IEPE sensor (CN0532)
  • Characterized mechanical machine mount (XLMOUNT1)
  • 24-Bit Data Acquisition System for IEPE Sensors (CN0540)
  • ADI Kuiper Linux – Embedded OS with FPGA & RPI platform support
  • IIO Oscilloscope GUI application for quick evaluation
  • IIO data streaming for MATLAB and Python
  • Data Analytics Example using MATLAB and Tensorflow

Ideal for condition-based monitoring algorithm development, both the hardware and software is provided to enable immediate access to high quality sensor data. The platform can also be used to benchmark piezo sensors and MEMS sensor performance by supporting IEPE-compliant sensor interface.

Explore the Condition-based Monitoring (CbM) Development Platform

Condition-based Monitoring (CbM) Development Platforms Ecosystem

Condition-based monitoring reference designs and development platforms combine the necessary technologies with the tools and software required to quickly collect data, perform analysis, and customize solution designs for specific applications.

Our platforms combine signal chain hardware and development software that enable the evaluation of condition monitoring solutions in industrial environments.

Hardware design files and firmware/software source code is made available, enabling customized development based on the underlying evaluation system.

Support is available through the Analog Devices wiki, where all supporting documentation such as hardware and software files, application code, and setup guides. Additional support and questions can be asked through EngineerZone®, which is supported by Analog Devices engineers.

Condition-based Monitoring (CbM) Development Platforms Ecosystem