Precision D/A Converters

Precision digital-to-analog converters (DACs) are critical data conversion components for high-performance signal processing systems. Analog Devices has the industry’s largest portfolio of DACs covering 8 to 20 bits in resolution, best in class performance, smallest footprint, lowest power, and ease of use features. These features provide a simple design-in solution for the most challenging of biasing and control applications from component right through to signal chain level. A comprehensive suite of design-in support is available for all components from evaluation boards to LTSpice simulation.
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Five-Channel, 300mA Current-Source-Output 16-/12-Bit SoftSpan DACs



Multiple Range, 16-Bit, Bipolar Voltage Output DACs with 2 PPM/⁰C Reference



The AD5766 is a 16-channel, 16-bit, voltage output denseDAC® digital-to-analog converters (DACs). Each of the 16 channels can be monitored with an integrated output voltage multiplexer.

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Covering the Signal Chain

With the industry’s broadest portfolio of op amps, precision converters (ADCs and DACs), digital potentiometers, temperature sensors, voltage references, switches, and multiplexers, Analog Devices can help solve your toughest design challenges. ADI offers over 1000 precision linear ICs, outstanding customer support, and a full complement of precision design and development resources to meet any signal chain design demand.

Explore how we cover the signal chain in Power Management and Voltage References.


Using DIE products in your signal chain design

For space constrained designs, ADI offers die solutions for many products in our portfolio. Our team develops die solutions for precision converters for both:

  • Functional CHIPS model – verified to be functional at Ambient temperature.
  • KGD – Known Good Die guaranteed to meet Datasheet specifications

Both Die options can be shipped in Die on Film, Waffle pack or Tape & Reel.

Explore ADI’s precision DAC Die portfolio

If you see a product that does not offer Die packaging, contact your ADI sales representative to explore how ADI can meet your needs. If you’re interested in system-in-package (SiP) technology, please see our Precision Signal Chain μModule solutions page.

Known Good Die

Precision Technology Selection Guide

ADI’s Precision Technology Selection Guide easily enables selection of the right components for across the entire precision signal chain, from amplifiers, switches, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), voltage references, and power management devices.

See our latest Selection Guide

Precision Technology Selection Guide

Design Tools


Circuits from the Lab

Jump start your design with ADI’s Circuits from the Lab ® Reference Designs, including comprehensive documentation, design files and evaluation hardware.

Explore Circuits from the Lab



LTspice® is a powerful, fast and free simulation software, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for improving the simulation of analog circuits. LTspice provides macromodels for most of Analog Devices’ switching regulators, linear regulators, amplifiers, and precision converters. We also provide a library of devices for general circuit simulation.

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