PoE Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE)

Analog Devices power sourcing equipment (PSE) controllers support multiple power levels of power over Ethernet: IEEE PoE (13W, 802.3af), IEEE PoE+ (25.5W, 802.3at), IEEE PoE++ (71.3W, 802.3bt), and ADI LTPoE++ (90W) standard. PSE controllers are responsible for detecting and classifying powered devices (PDs), as well as sourcing the right amount of power to PDs over Ethernet cables. Our latest generation PSE controllers are IEEE compliant, use 0.15 Ω sense resistors to lower power dissipation, and use a high reliability 4-point PD detection scheme to eliminate false PD detections. External MOSFETs, a scalable cable discharge protection scheme, an 80 V abs max rating on all analog pins, and overtemperature protection all ensure robust operation.
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