Multiplying Current Output D/A Converters

Analog Devices offers a wide range of high precision, multiplying current output (IOUT) D/A converters (DACs) that feature ±1 LSB INL and DNL specifications, from 12-bit up to an industry-leading 18-bit resolution. Our portfolio includes single and multiple D/A converters in small packages with parallel or serial SPI interfaces. Multiplying current output R-2R D/A converters allow for an external amplifier that’s optimized for specific applications and that does not require reference buffering, which enables high linearity. The SoftSpan™ feature allows software selectable output spans, therefore eliminating the need to add precision gain stages and the associated external jumpers, precision resistors, and amplifier circuitry. Integrated precision resistors allow for reference inversion, bipolar offset, and offset and gain adjustment.