iSensor® Evaluation Tool

Simplifying sensor evaluation, enabling greater innovation


iSensorOverviewThe iSensor® family of smart sensors provides system designers with the next-level of integration and performance, enabling greater value for a wide variety of industrial systems. The purpose of the evaluation tools is to enable faster evaluation of the capability and performance that the iSensor® brings to your table. 

With this purpose in mind, ADI provides two different evaluation tools for its products:

  1. small-geometry evaluation boards that provide access using common connectors and
  2. a complete PC evaluation system.

For more details download the iSensor Evaluation Tool Presentation (pdf)

Evaluation Boards

Each product in the iSensor® family has its own unique evaluation board that provides quick access to its operation using standard geometry connectors. The footprint for each of the digital output iSensor® products has the same 1.2" × 1.3" footprint and uses dual-row, 12-pin, 2mm connectors that are simple to interface to using standard ribbon cable assemblies. The primary purpose of these boards is to provide a convenient method for integrating these sensors into an existing digital system platform for initial code development and evaluation.  

Please see the following table for product page and evaluation board data sheet links.

Function Product Page Evaluation Board Data Sheet
Accelerometer, Dual Axis, ± 1.7g, SPI Interface ADIS16003 ADIS16003/PCB
Accelerometer, Dual Axis, ± 5g, SPI Interface ADIS16006 ADIS16006/PCB
Wide Bandwidth Yaw Rate Gyroscope with SPI ADIS16060 ADIS16060/PCB
Gyroscope, ±80°/sec, SPI Interface ADIS16080 ADIS16080/PCB
Gyroscope, ±300°/sec, SPI Interface ADIS16100 ADIS16100/PCB
Accelerometer/Inclinometer, Programmable, Dual Axis, ±1.7g, +90°, SPI Interface ADIS16201 ADIS16201/PCB
Inclinometer, Programmable, Single Axis, 0-360° & ±180°, SPI Interface ADIS16203 ADIS16203/PCB
Programmable Hi-G Digital Accelerometer, Impact Sensor ADIS16204 ADIS16204/PCB
High Accuracy, Dual-Axis Digital Inclinometer & Accelerometer ADIS16209 ADIS16209/PCB
Gyroscope, ±320°/sec, Programmable, Calibrated, SPI ADIS16250 ADIS16250/PCB
Gyroscope, ±80°/sec, Programmable, Calibrated, SPI
Gyroscope, ±320°/sec, Programmable, Extended Temperature Calibrated, SPI
Tri Axis Inertial Sensor ADIS16350 ADIS16350/PCB
Tri-Axis Inertial Sensor
ADIS16354 ADIS16354/PCB
High-Precision Tri-Axis Inertial Sensor
ADIS16355 ADIS16355/PCB
iSensor PC-USB Evaluation System  ADISUSBZ
iSensor PC Evaluation System

Evaluation Systems


ADISUSB PC Evaluation System

The ADISUSB is a PC-based demo/evaluation system for most of the SPI-output iSensor® products. It is designed to work with the ADIS16xxx/PCBZ (except ADIS163xx/PCBZ) evaluation boards and ADIS163xxAMLZ products. Six tapped holes (2mm) enable simple physical attachment and two electrical connectors provide simple electrical hook-up. This kit come with the USB interface board, 12-pin ribbon cable interface, and the iSensor® CD. The iSensor® CD contains the iSensor Evaluation Software, along with all of the documentation for each iSensor® products. The ADISUSBZ does not contain any iSensor® products. They must be purchased separately.

Go to Evaluation Software Downloads for the latest software downloads.

Download the ADISUSBZ data sheet (pdf, 1.09 MB).


ADISEVAL PC Evaluation System

The ADISEVAL is a PC-based evaluation system for all of the SPI-output iSensor® products. It is designed to work with each product's evaluation board and comes with a Parallel Interface Board, parallel interface cable, 2 12-pin ribbon cables for evaluation board (ADIS16XXX/PCBZ) attachment, and the iSensor® CD. The iSensor® CD contains the iSensor Evaluation Software, along with all of the documentation for each iSensor product.

Download the ADISEVAL data sheet (pdf, 803 kB).



Evaluation Software Downloads

Each SPI-output product has software that enables its evaluation on the ADISEVAL system. The iSensor CD provides this software and comes with the purchase of the ADISEVAL system. This software is also provided here for download. 

Unzip the contents of this software in a temporary location. Read the installation instructions in the ADISEVAL datasheet or ADISEVAL/USBZ datasheet.

Product Software 
ADIS16003 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16006 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16060 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16080 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16100 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16201 (zip, 2.40 MB)
 ADIS16203 (zip, 1.92 MB)
 ADIS16204 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16209 (zip, 2.39 MB)
 ADIS16220 (zip, 1.78 MB)
 ADIS16240 (zip, 1.60 MB)
 ADIS16250 (zip, 2.40 MB)
Product Software 
 ADIS16251 (zip, 2.40 MB)
 ADIS16255 (zip, 2.40 MB)
 ADIS16260 (zip, 1.67 MB)
 ADIS16265 (zip, 1.67 MB)
 ADIS16350 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16354 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16355 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16360 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16362 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16364 (zip, 1.68 MB)
 ADIS16365 (zip, 1.68 MB)
ADIS16405 (zip, 1.68 MB)