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The ADIS16251 is a complete angular rate, measurement sys-tem, available in a single compact package enabled by Analog Devices, Inc. iSensor™ integration. By enhancing Analog Devices iMEMS® sensor technology with an embedded signal processing solution, the ADIS16251 provides factory-calibrated and tunable digital sensor data in a convenient format that can be accessed using a simple SPI serial interface. The SPI interface provides access to measurements for the gyroscope, temperature, power supply, and one auxiliary analog input. Easy access to calibrated digital sensor data provides developers with a system-ready device, reducing development time, cost, and program risk.

The device range can be digitally selected from three different settings: ±20°/sec, ±40°/sec, and ±80°/sec. Unique charac-teristics of the end system are accommodated easily through several built-in features, including a single-command auto-zero recalibration function, as well as a configurable sample rate and frequency response. Additional features can be used to further reduce system complexity, including:

  • Configurable alarm function
  • Auxiliary 12-bit ADC and DAC
  • Two configurable digital I/O ports
  • Digital self-test function

System power dissipation can be optimized via the ADIS16251 power management features, including an interrupt-driven wake-up. The ADIS16251 is available in an 11 mm × 11 mm × 5.5 mm, laminate-based, land grid array (LGA) package with a temperature range of −40°C to +85°C.


  • Instrumentation control
  • Platform control and stabilization
  • Motion control and analysis
  • Avionics instrumentation
  • Navigation
  • Image stabilization
  • Robotics

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