Features and Benefits

  • Complete angular rate gyroscope
  • Z-axis (yaw rate) response
  • SPI digital output interface
  • High vibration rejection over wide frequency
  • 2000 g-powered shock survivability
  • Externally controlled self-test
  • Internal temperature sensor output
  • Dual auxiliary 12-bit ADC inputs
  • Absolute rate output for precision applications
  • 5 V single-supply operation
  • 8.2 mm x 8.2 mm x 5.2 mm package
  • RoHS Compliant

Product Details

The ADIS16080 is a gyroscope that uses the Analog Devices, Inc. surface-micromachining process to make a functionally complete angular rate sensor with an integrated serial peripheral interface (SPI).

The digital data available at the SPI port is proportional to the angular rate about the axis that is normal to the top surface of the package (see Figure 20). A single external resistor can be used to increase the measurement range. An external capacitor can be used to lower the bandwidth.

Access to an internal temperature sensor measurement is provided, through the SPI, for compensation techniques. Two pins are available for the user to input analog signals for digitization. An additional output pin provides a precision voltage reference. Two digital self-test inputs electromechanically excite the sensor to test the operation of the sensor and the signal-conditioning circuits.

The ADIS16080 is available in an 8.2 mm × 8.2 mm × 5.2 mm, 16-terminal, peripheral land grid array (LGA) package.

  • Platform stabilization
  • Image stabilization
  • Guidance and control
  • Inertial measurement units
  • Robotics
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