Features and Benefits

Quad-MxFE Digitizing Card
  • Multi-Channel, Wideband System Development Platform Using MxFE
  • Mates With Xilinx VCU118 Evaluation Board (Not Included)
  • 16x RF Receive (Rx) Channels (32x Digital Rx Channels)
    • Total 16x 1.5GSPS to 4GSPS ADC
    • 48x Digital Down Converters (DDCs), Each Including Complex Numerically-Controlled Oscillators (NCOs)
    • 16x Programmable Finite Impulse Response Filters (pFIRs)
  • 16x RF Transmit (Tx) Channels (32x Digital Tx Channels)
    • Total 16x 3GSPS to 12GSPS DAC
    • 48x Digital Up Converters (DUCs) , Each Including Complex Numerically-Controlled Oscillators (NCOs)
  • Flexible Rx & Tx RF Front-Ends
    • Rx: Filtering, Amplification, Digital Step Attenuation for Gain Control
    • Tx: Filtering, Amplification
  • On-Board Power Regulation from Single 12V Power Adapter (Included)
  • Flexible Clock Distribution
    • On-Board Clock Distribution from Single External 500MHz Reference
    • Support for External Converter Clock per MxFE
16Tx / 16Rx Calibration Board
  • Mates to Quad-MxFE Digitizing Card & VCU118 PMOD Interface (Cable Included)
  • Provides Both Individual Adjacent Channel Loopback and Combined Channel Loopback Options
  • Combined Tx Channels Out Via SMA Option
  • Combined Rx Channels In Via SMA Option
  • On-Board Log Power Detectors With AD5592R Output To VCU118 Over PMOD
  • On-Board Power Regulation from Single 12V Power Adapter (Included)
Software Features and Benefits
Easy Control Tools and Platform Interfaces to Simplify Software Framework Developments:
  • IIO Oscilloscope GUI
  • MATLAB Add-Ons & Example Scripts
  • Example HDL Builds including JESD204b/JESD204c Bring-Up
  • Embedded Software Solutions for Linux and Device Drivers
  • MATLAB System Applications GUI
Software Reference Design Examples for ADEF Applications to Reduce Prototyping Time:
  • Multi-Chip Synchronization for Power-Up Phase Determinism
  • System-Level Amplitude/Phase Alignment Using NCOs
  • Low-Latency ADC-to-DAC Loopback Bypassing JESD Interface
  • pFIR Control for Broadband Channel-to-Channel Amplitude/Phase Alignment
  • Fast-Frequency Hopping
  • Calibration Board MATLAB Driver File
  • FPGA Programming MATLAB Script

Product Details

The Quad-MxFE System Development Platform contains four MxFE® software defined, direct RF sampling transceivers, as well as associated RF front-ends, clocking, and power circuitry. The target application is phased array radars, electronic warfare, and ground-based SATCOM, specifically a 16 transmit/16 receive channel direct sampling phased array at L/S/C band (0.1 GHz to ~5GHz). The Rx & Tx RF front-end has drop-in configurations that allow for customized frequency ranges, depending on the user’s application.

The Quad-MxFE System Development Platform highlights a complete system solution. It is intended as a testbed for demonstrating multi-chip synchronization as well as the implementation of system level calibrations, beamforming algorithms, and other signal processing algorithms. The system is designed to mate with a VCU118 Evaluation Board from Xilinx®, which features the Virtex® UltraScale+™ XCVU9P FPGA, with provided reference software, HDL code, and MATLAB system-level interfacing.

In addition to the Quad-MxFE Digitizing Card, the kit also contains a 16Tx / 16Rx Calibration Board that is used to develop system-level calibration algorithms, or otherwise more easily demonstrate power-up phase determinism in situations pertinent to their own use case. The Calibration Board also allows the user to demonstrate combined-channel dynamic range, spurious, and phase noise improvements and can also be controlled via a free MATLAB add-on when connected to the PMOD interface of the VCU118.

The system can be used to enable quick time-to-market development programs for applications like:

  • ADEF (Phased-Array, RADAR, EW, SATCOM)
  • Communications Infrastructure (Multiband 5G and mmWave 5G)
  • Electronic Test and Measurement

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