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Analog Devices’ broad portfolio of temperature sensing solutions includes a wealth of signal chains, integrated sensor-to-bits solutions, and discrete technologies to jump-start your design.

Our thermocouples are small, rugged, and inexpensive. Our cost-effective thermistors have a limited temperature range of –40°C to 150°C, are highly non-linear, and require significant signal conditioning. Accurate, stable, and having a wide temperature range, our resistant temperature detectors (RTDs) guarantee the highest accuracy. Linear, stable, and easy to use, our silicon-based temperature measurement sensors are ideal for measuring the narrower temperature range of –55°C to +150°C. Finally, our complete, integrated sensor and analog front end products provide designers a high-accuracy, reliable building block to accelerate their system design.


Value and Benefits

Interchangeable and compact, our thermocouples can measure extreme temperatures of –270°C to +1800°C, have fast response times, and do not self-heat. Ideal for low- and high-temperature applications, our thermistors are not only durable, and long-lasting, they are also accurate to approximately ±0.2°C within their specified temperature range. With an operating temperature range of –200°C to +850°C, our RTDs are highly accurate, reliable, and stable. Easy to use and precise, our digital temperature sensors and silicon sensors are a complete plug and play solution that provides digital output with excellent accuracy and no signal conditioning required.

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Ideal for RTD, thermocouple, thermistor, digital, and silicon-based temperature sensors

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Offers signal chain and reference design solutions to accelerate your temperature measurement design

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Solutions that combine the sensor and AFE, accelerating system design

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