ADSP-BF701:  Low Power 200MHz Blackfin+ Embedded Processor with 128KByte L2 SRAM & DDR2/LPDDR Interface

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This device is a member of the ADSP-BF70x Blackfin Digital Signal Processor (DSP) product family. The new Blackfin+ processor core combines dual-MAC 16-bit, 32-bit MAC and 16-bit complex MAC in to a state-of-the-art signal processing engine. It also combines advantages of a clean, orthogonal RISC-like microprocessor instruction set, and single-instruction, multiple-data (SIMD) multimedia capabilities within a single instruction-set architecture. Further new enhancements to the Blackfin+ core add cache enhancements, branch prediction and other instruction set improvements—all while maintaining instruction set compatibility to previous Blackfin products.

The processor offers performance up to 200 MHz, as well as lowest power consumption at <53mW. Produced with a low-power and low-voltage design methodology, they provide world-class power management and performance.

By integrating a rich set of industry-leading system peripherals , large on-chip memory & a high speed external memory interface, this Blackfin processor is the platform of choice for next-generation applications that require RISC-like programmability, multimedia support, and leading-edge signal processing in one integrated package. These applications span a wide array of markets, from automotive systems to embedded industrial, instrumentation, video/image analysis, biometric and control applications.


  • Blackfin+ core with up to 200 MHz performance
    - Dual 16-bit or single 32-bit MAC support per cycle
    - 16-bit complex MAC and many other instruction set enhancements
    - Instruction set compatible with previous Blackfin product
  • On-Chip Memory
    - 136KB L1 SRAM with multi-parity-bit protection (64KB instruction, 64KB data, 8KB scratchpad)
    - 128KByte on-chip L2 SRAM with ECC protection
    - 512KByte On-chip L2 ROM
  • L3 interface providing 16-bit interface to DDR2 or LPDDR SDRAM devices (up to 200 MHz)
  • Key Peripherals include
    - USB2.0 HS OTG
    - 2x CAN2.0B
    - ePPI Video I/O
    - 2x SPORTs (w/I2S)
    - 2xQuad-SPI / 1xDual-SPI (w/ Host mode option)
    - I2C
    - 2xUART
    - SD/SDIO/MMC (8-bit)
    - 4-ch 12-bit 1MSPS ADC
  • Security and one-time-programmable memory
    - Crypto hardware accelerators for fast secure boot/IP protection
    memDMA encryption/decryption for fast run-time security
  • Low-cost packaging
    - 184-Ball CSP_BGA package (12 mm × 12mm × 0.8mm pitch), RoHS compliant
  • Low system power with < 53 mW at 200 MHz at 25°C TJUNCTION

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ADSP-BF707 Evaluation Hardware for the ADSP-BF70x Blackfin Family
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ADZS-BF707-EZBRD Status: Production Evaluation Board $249.00 Yes -
ADZS-BF707-EZLITE Status: Production Evaluation board with ICE-1000 $299.00 Yes -
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ADZS-ICE-1000 Status: Production Low Cost USB-based JTAG Emulator $150.00 Yes -
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