Features and Benefits

  • Simple power connection using 6 V wall adapter and on-board LDO voltage regulators
  • Ten AC-coupled output SMA connectors, with output termination for HCSL
  • Two single ended AC-coupled reference inputs, usable also as a one differential AC-coupled reference input
  • One single ended AC-coupled reference input and 1 single ended DC-coupled reference input, configurable to create together a differential AC-coupled reference input
  • Pin programmable, power on ready configurability
  • Status LEDs
  • PC control using a USB connection
  • Microsoft Windows-based Evaluation Software with simple graphical user interface

Product Details

The AD9546 Evaluation Board is a compact, easy-to-use platform for evaluating all features of the AD9546 multiple input, 10-Output, Dual Channel, Numeric Clock Synchronizer. The AD9546 supports existing and emerging International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standards for the delivery of frequency, phase, and time of day over service provider packet networks, including ITU-G.8262, ITU-T G.812, ITU-T G.813, ITU-T G.823, ITU-T G.824, ITU-T G.825, and ITU-T G.8273.2.

The 10 clock outputs of the AD9546 are synchronized to any one of up to four input references. The digital phase-locked loops (DPLLs) reduce timing jitter associated with the external references. The digitally controlled loop and holdover circuitry continuously generate a low jitter output signal, even when all reference inputs fail. The AD9546 system clock is provided by a 52 MHz crystal. Alternatively, an external clock signal may be provided at a SMA connector (relative components must be populated to enable this functionality).


  • 5G timing transport high precision synchronization
  • Global positioning system (GPS), PTP (IEEE 1588), and synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) jitter cleanup and synchronization
  • Optical transport networks (OTN), synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH), and macro and small cell base stations
  • Small base station clocking (baseband and radio)
  • Stratum 2, Stratum 3e, and Stratum 3 holdover, jitter cleanup, and phase transient control
  • JESD204B support for analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) clocking
  • Carrier Ethernet

Getting Started

  1. Install all required software, uninstall prior versions of the software before installation updates. Administrative privileges are required for installation.
  2. Connect the 6 V wall power supply to the main power connector labeled P800. The red LED labelled DS801 turns on.
  3. Connect the USB cable to the Evaluation Board and to the computer. The red LED labeled DS500 by the USB connector turns on and the LED labeled DS501 blinks.
  4. Launch the AD9546 Evaluation Software

System Requirements

  • Reference oscillator or signal generator for reference input
  • Other Evaluation Board(s) to be driven by output clocks or test equipment
  •     • Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, phase noise analyzer
  • 50 Ω SMA cables
  • 6 V wall supply (provided)
  • PC running Windows 10 with USB 2.0 port