Features and Benefits

  • Companion module for Active Learning labs on buck and boost power converters
  • Illustrates important concepts related to buck and boost converters:
    • Continuous vs. Discontinuous Conduction Modes
    • Open loop operation
    • Voltage mode control
    • Current mode control
  • Independently adjustable parameters: frequency, duty cycle, voltage/current mode
  • Onboard current sense amplifiers and adjustable load minimize equipment requirements.

Product Details

The ADALM-SR1 (Analog Devices Active Learning Module, Switching Regulator) board is a companion module for several switching regulator exercises covering buck and boost regulators:

  • Boost and Buck converter elements and open-loop operation
  • Buck Converters: closed loop operation
  • Boost Converters: closed loop operation

The circuits required for these exercises exceed the complexity that can be constructed on a breadboard, so the ADALM-SR1 was designed as a flexible platform for experimenting with power electronics. Onboard current sense amplifiers, adjustable electronic load, and feedback signal injection circuitry eliminate the need for expensive equipment — the only additional equipment required is:

  • 5V USB wall adapter
  • Basic adjustable power supply for input power (0-12V, 2A)
  • Multimeter
  • ADALM2000 or basic oscilloscope (2 channels with trigger, >10MHz bandwidth)

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Jumpers (qty. 20)
USB Micro cable

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