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Features and Benefits

  • Measures Up to 12 Battery Cells in Series
  • Stackable Architecture
  • Supports Multiple Battery Chemistries and Supercapacitors
  • Serial Interface Daisy Chains to Adjacent Devices
  • 0.25% Maximum Total Measurement Error
  • Engineered for ISO26262 Compliant Systems
  • 13ms to Measure All Cells in a System
  • Passive Cell Balancing:
    • Integrated Cell Balancing MOSFETs
    • Ability to Drive External Balancing MOSFETs
  • On-board Temperature Sensor and Thermistor Inputs
  • 1MHz Serial Interface with Packet Error Checking
  • Safe with Random Connection of Cells
  • Built-In Self Tests
  • Delta-Sigma Converter With Built-In Noise Filter
  • Open-Wire Connection Fault Detection
  • 12μA Standby Mode Supply Current
  • High EMI Immunity
  • 44-Lead SSOP Package

Product Details

The LTC6803 is a 2nd generation, complete battery monitoring IC that includes a 12-bit ADC, a precision voltage reference, a high voltage input multiplexer and a serial interface. Each LTC6803 can measure up to 12 series-connected battery cells or supercapacitors. Using a unique level shifting serial interface, multiple LTC6803-1/LTC6803-3 devices can be connected in series, without opto-couplers or isolators, allowing for monitoring of every cell in a long string of series-connected batteries. Each cell input has an associated MOSFET switch for discharging overcharged cells. The LTC6803-1 connects the bottom of the stack to V internally. It is pin compatible with the LTC6802-1, providing a drop-in upgrade. The LTC6803-3 separates the bottom of the stack from V, improving cell 1 measurement accuracy.

The LTC6803 provides a standby mode to reduce supply current to 12μA. Furthermore, the LTC6803 can be powered from an isolated supply, providing a technique to reduce battery stack current draw to zero.

For applications requiring individually addressable serial communications, see the LTC6803-2/LTC6803-4.

SPI Interface Isolated V– LTC6802 Pin Compatible
LTC6803-1 Daisy Chain No Yes
LTC6803-2 Addressable No Yes
LTC6803-3 Daisy Chain Yes No
LTC6803-4 Addressable Yes No


  • Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • High Power Portable Equipment
  • Backup Battery Systems
  • Electric Bicycles, Motorcycles, Scooters

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Linduino code repository on GitHub and instructions on how to use the code.

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