Isolated RS-485

RS-485 is a multipoint communication network defined by the TIA-485-A/EIA-485-A standard that specifies up to 32 drivers and 32 receivers on a single (2-wire) bus, with modern transceivers improved to allow 256 nodes on the same bus. The differential signaling scheme and wide common-mode tolerance provide excellent noise immunity for high speed communication over long distances and in harsh environments. Analog Devices’ RS-485/RS-422 compliant transceivers support industrial fieldbus, Modbus and PROFIBUS®, process control networks (PLC), building automation (HVAC), and motor control servo drives and encoder applications. Connect with half- or full-duplex models and options that include extended temperature, ultralow skew, enhanced drive strength, full fail-safe and hot swap support, low voltage logic interfaces, integrated termination, and extensive EMC protection against IEC surge, EFT, ESD, and overvoltage faults for the design of RS-485 communication links.
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