µModule Regulators with Digital Power System Management

Analog Devices μModule® (micromodule) regulators with a PMBus I2C serial interface, also called PSM (power system management), enable system designers and remote operators to command and supervise a system’s power condition and consumption via a digital bus.

The ability to digitally change power supply parameters reduces time-to-market and downtime by eliminating what would have historically required physical hardware, circuits, and/or system bill-of-material modifications. Our μModule regulators simplify system characterization, optimization, and data mining during prototyping, deployment, and field operation.

This portfolio uses digital I2C/SMBus interfaces, LTpowerPlay® software, and internal EEPROM with several customization options.


Power System Management (PSM) devices add digital PMBus/SMBus/I2C-interface based control, telemetry and black-box fault recording to analog DC/DC power converters, providing high level capabilities to your power system.

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LTpowerPlay® is a powerful, Windows-based development environment supporting Analog Devices' Digital Power System Management (PSM) products.

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