Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Synthesizer & Translation Loop

ADI’s industry leading phase locked loop (PLL) synthesizer family features a wide variety of high performance, low jitter clock generation and distribution devices. The extensive, ever growing phase locked loop family now includes over 100 products, optimized for high data rate, low jitter clocking applications. The portfolio features PLLs, PLL/VCOs, and distribution chips, designed for clocking applications which require synchronization, clock distribution, and phase noise performance.

Analog Devices has over 25 years of experience in design and test of industry leading phase locked loop integrated circuit products. With the industry's widest portfolio of PLL products, we can cover virtually all your PLL needs.

Analog Devices’ fully integrated and ready to use translation loop (also known as an offset loop) System in Package (SiP) are used for frequency synthesis in highly jitter sensitive applications, and reduce board space and complexity compared to traditional discrete translation loop solutions designed on a PCB. Time to market is significantly reduced by taking advantage of this highly integrated solution with in-package circuitry and enhanced isolation that attenuate spurious components. Analog Devices’ translation loop solutions provide a frequency synthesis solution for engineers designing highly competitive systems.

ADIsimPLL Analog Design Tool

ADIsimPLL is a phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit-design and evaluation tool that assists users in evaluating, designing, and troubleshooting RF systems. The tool uses Analog Devices' family of PLL synthesizers.

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