AD7380 Family Details

The AD7380 is a pin-compatible 16-/14-/12-bit family of Dual and Quad simultaneous sampling SAR ADCs that offer an industry-leading throughput rate and noise performance available in the smallest package. The AD7380 family significantly simplifies the analog front-end and digital back-end designs around the ADC with a feature rich solution that includes an oversampling block to further improve dynamic range and noise performance, accurate on-chip reference, short conversion time, and an ability to process wide common mode signals.

The AD7380 family consist of fully differential, pseudo differential, and single-ended SAR ADCs supporting sample rates up to 4MSPS. All Dual ADCs are housed in a tiny 3 mm x 3 mm LFCSP package and Quad ADCs are available in a 4 mm x 4 mm LFCSP package.

The AD7380 family can be designed into wide range of applications such as motor control position feedback (encoders), power quality meters, Sonars, Erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) and general purpose data acquisition systems.

AD7380 Chip

AD7380 Overview

AD7380 Software Model

The AD7380 family software drivers simplify development of digital interface between the ADC and a host microcontroller/FPGA for communication with the device.

AD7380 Family No OS Driver

IBIS and LTSpice Simulation Models are offered to enable easy circuit performance simulation and verification without a need to build dedicated hardware setup.

IBIS model


AD7380 LTSpice


ADC driver tool is also available to check the compatible driver amplifier for the AD7380 family.

Precision ADC Driver Tool

The Core ADC

The ADC core is designed specifically to optimize system level performance, enhance measurement latency and improve signal chain channel density in wide range of end applications.

Advanced Digital Features

The AD7380 family comes with an integrated digital oversampling feature that allows to trade-off throughput rate for noise performance and dynamic range. The other advance features include flexible SPI implementation, Alert functionality, and CRC for increased data integrity.

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