A Full Spectrum of RF Expertise Analog Devices’ system-level expertise in RF, microwave and millimeter wave technology helps unlock the entire wireless spectrum, and the opportunities that come with it. Visit our booth at IMS2019 to see how our latest advancements in RF are impacting 5G, instrumentation and aerospace & defense. This year’s demos include a 5G mmW radio solution for base stations, and a mmW security screening tile.

See the latest RF & Microwave technologies showcased by Analog Devices at IMS 2019!

RFIC2019 Plenary Speaker

EGreg Henderson

Dr Greg Henderson, Senior Vice President Automotive, Communications and Aerospace & Defense

Come hear Dr. Greg Henderson, speak during the IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium

The Digital Future of RFICs

Sunday, June 2 - 5:30-7:00 pm

IEEE 5G Summit

Karim Hamed

Karim Hamed, General Manager, Microwave Communications

Bits to Beams – RF Technology Evolution for 5G mmWave Radios

Tuesday, June 4 – BCEC, Room 160ABC

Women in Microwaves Panel

Yasmine King

Yasmine King, Global Account Manager

Challenges still facing women in microwaves and how you can help.

Wednesday, June 5 – 4:00 - 5:00pm

MicroApps Speakers

Eamon Nash, Product Application Engineer Director

10-40 GHz Chipset for mmWave Imaging and other Wideband Receiver Applications

Tuesday, June 4 – 11:30am

Assessing the Accuracy of Keysight Sys-Parameters

Tuesday, June 4 – 12:15pm

Phased Array System Design that Incorporates Component Level Performance

Thursday, June 6 – 10:15pm

Ian Collins

Ian Collins, Applications Manager

Active Low Pass Filters for Phase Locked Loops

Tuesday, June 4 – 10:45am

Minimizing Acquisition Time on Phase Locked Loops to below 1 us.

Wednesday, June 5 – 2:00pm

Ruan Lourens

Ruan Lourens, Instrumentation RF Systems Technical Leader

Not All Sparkles are Fun

Wednesday, June 5 – 3:45pm

Marty Richardson

Marty Richardson, Senior Applications Engineer

Recent Phase Hit Analysis in Modern GaAs Voltage Controlled Oscillators and Synthesizers

Thursday, June 6 – 11:30am


Robin Getz / Travis Collins

Robin Getz, Director of Engineering, ADI Systems Development Group
Travis Collins, Senior Algorithm Development Engineer

A Framework For Development and Deployment of RF Systems with SoCs

Location: 156C
Wednesday, June 5 – 3:15 - 5:15pm

Preview Our Demos

5G mmW Radio from Bits to Beams

We’re excited to be demonstrating the 3rd generation of our complete system solution for 5G base stations. You’ll see a small cell reference design showcasing the latest QUAD 16-Bit 12GSPS RFDAC and DUAL 12-Bit 6GSPS RFADC, a Microwave Up/Down Converter, a 16 Channel Beamformer, and Antenna-In-Package technology.

ADAR1000 – Integrated Analog Beam Forming Integrated Circuit

The ADAR1000 demonstrates send and receive capabilities to drive modern next generation beam forming arrays for RADAR and communications. This integration helps accelerate designs by providing an integrated analog stage with reduced component count and complexity. The ADAR1000 has internal memory to stores up 121 beam states for fast recall in 8-16GHz systems along with integrated bias and control for external transmit and receive modules to further reduce component count and complexity of design.

Massive MIMO RF Front-End Solution for ADRV9009 Integrated Transceivers

To help speed your time-to-market, we are showing a scalable massive MIMO RF to bits solution using the ADRF5545 Receiver Front-End IC reference board and the ADRV9009 integrated transceivers in the RF DSP Inc. SDR Module. This scalable platform supports 4Tx4R, 8x8, 16x16 applications and optimizes the size, weight, power and performance of high-channel count remote radio units operating in the 3.6GHz band.

Signal Generator on a Chip

The 7.5 GHz Wideband Direct RF Transmit Subsystem demonstration integrates the AD9166 with a wideband DAC and buffer amplifier creating a complete RF transmit subsystem. The product eliminates costly baluns and solves tricky interface challenges by providing a 50 ohm single ended DC-coupled output. The product will be used in all wideband RF applications where direct to RF and dramatically simplified interfacing is required, especially high frequency instrumentation and Aerospace and Defense applications.

RF Directional Detectors for Material Sensing

In this interactive demo we will be setting up a fully-integrated RF Directional Detector, to show how it can be applied to non-contact material sensing and fluid detection measurements in a wide range of industrial applications.

Wideband Frequency Synthesizers for Millimeter Wave Applications

Stop by to see our state of the art phase noise and frequency hopping capability – with low power consumption, low noise and exceptionally low spurs. If you’re tasked with 5G, Massive MIMO, or Phased Array Radar you don’t want to miss this!

Phased Array Prototyping System

This System on Module (RF SOM) uses 4 to 8 digital wideband (200MHz) coherent channels to characterize arriving RF energy to either geolocate the emitter or to maximize the carrier-to-interference ratio. AT IMS, we’re going to demonstrate how multiple RF SOMs can synchronized in an PCIe backplane to provide a Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output Systems (MIMO) prototyping systems, working coherently channels, and streaming data back to the host.

mmW Security Screening Tile

We will be demonstrating a complete RF signal chain (along with schematics, layout, and HDL code) for the next generation of low-cost walk-through body scanning systems, featuring quad channel 10-40 GHz Tx and Rx devices along with a 16 channel sigma delta ADC. Come see how the Tile will solve your tough design and integration problems and accelerate your time-to-market.

60 GHz FMCW Radar Systems for Industrial Applications

We will be showcasing next-generation 60 GHz industrial radar systems for absolute positioning and high-resolution imaging applications. Witness for yourself our sensor system which sets the standard in broad system, design, and algorithm expertise for innovative and high-performance RADAR applications.

Low EMI, Silent Switcher µModule Regulators

Here we’ll be showing off our new new 36Vin, 60Vin Silent switcher µModule Regulators that feature wide operating frequency range (which minimize EMI/EMC emissions) that make them ideal for noise sensitive signal processing applications such as imaging and RF system.

Silicon (SOI) RF Front-End Solutions for 5G

For designers working on cellular communication infrastructure and related electronic test equipment, this demo is a must-see. In this live demo we will be incorporating measurement of the key performance parameters of our new Silicon (SOI) RF Front-End products in various signal chains for Cellular Massive-MIMO 5G and Microwave 5G systems.

Enabling Wideband Frequency Generation Solution with RF Tunable Filters

We will be demonstrating the harmonic rejection improvement of our new wideband synthesizer which incorporates quad differential outputs. If you are a wideband system designer who needs to generate low phase noise signals without undesired harmonic tones, we encourage you to visit our demo, which will allow you to observe both filtered and unfiltered signals during circuit evaluation.

Instrument-grade Performance for 5G Test

The Instrument-Grade Performance for 5G demonstration showcases instrument grade performance using ADI's high speed converters and synthesizers.


What is TinyRadar? It’s a 24GHz ISM Band Radar System on a Small Factor PCB, built expressly for Industrial Radar markets. Featuring a 2Ghz, IMSM Radar System (with associated GUI software) TinyRadar displays a Range-Doppler plot (distance and speed) of objects detected by a hand-held corner reflector. A second display will be showing a video of people detection and tracking using our in-house object detection and tracking algorithms.

Richardson RFPD Demonstrations at Booth 1150

3.5GHz 5G Massive MIMO featuring Analog Devices

The demonstration is of a communications system that combines baseband processing, RF transceiver IC, and RF Front End PA Module (PAM) that has been optimized for 5W average power, 3.5GHz TDD systems. The Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) featured system design enables Massive MIMO architectures of 4x4 or 8x8 radio deployments.

RF Interference Mitigation featuring NewEdge Signal Solutions, Analog Devices, and Avid Systems

AThe demonstration incorporates an Avid Systems Software Defined Radio (SDR) board based on ADI RF transceivers, in which we employ a Pre-select Tunable Filter from NewEdge Signal Solutions to suppress radio interference.