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At IMS 2020 Analog Devices provided the opportunity for attendees to engage virtually with our engineers, watch demos showcasing our newest solutions, and listen to our experts discuss the most important RF communications challenges facing customers. Whether you’re designing in 5G, digital healthcare, aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial or an emerging market, ADI has the best-in-class RF technologies and solutions to help create your future. Watch our videos below to learn more from our experts.

Our Roundtable Discussion

Listen to our roundtable discussion "Critical Communications in RF: Trends and Challenges” moderated by Yasmine King, General Manager, Aerospace and Defense, and featuring:

  • Bryan Goldstein, Vice President, Aerospace and Defense
  • Nitin Sharma, General Manager, Wireless Systems Group
  • Randy Oltman, Marketing Director, Instrumentation


RF technologies form the foundation of today’s modern communications systems. Listen to our ADI experts to gain insights and learn how to effectively address the most important RF communications challenges facing customers today and in the future. Hear ADI leaders from the Communications, Aerospace & Defense, and Instrumentation Business Units discuss key market trends, evolving technologies and emerging RF applications. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to learn more about the latest advancements in RF.

View the roundtable discussion

Roundtable Discussion

Hear Our Experts Speak

Eamon Nash, Product Application Engineer Director

Stingray - X-Ku Band Phased Array Prototyping System (TUMA2)

Alex Andrews

Alex Andrews, Applications Engineer

A 24GHz Radar Evaluation and Development Platform (TUMA4) (PDF)

Chas Frick

Chas Frick, Product Applications Engineer

16TX/16RX S-band Phased Array Radar Prototyping Platform (TUMA5)

Raymond Baker

Raymond Baker, Staff Field Applications Engineer

RF Amplifier Bias Networks: What Could Go Wrong? (TUMA19)

Larry Hawkins

Larry Hawkins, Director, Technical Marketing and Integrated Solutions and Systems
Richardson RFPD

New Highly Integrated Transceiver with RF Front End (THMA65)

Watch our Demo Videos

Introducing ADI’s Latest Software Defined Radio for High Dynamic Range Mission-Critical Communications

ADRV9002 is the first in a new family of highly integrated RF Transceivers. Developed for demanding narrow and wideband signals, the ADRV9002 is a flexible RF to digital radio solution capable of operating in TDD or FDD modes. ADRV9002 is uniquely suited for use in mission-critical communications networking and power sensitive battery operated terminal applications. The demo will showcase how the ADRV9002 can handle high dynamic range narrow KHz and broadband MHz signals in the presence of challenging RF blockers plus frequency agile software defined radio (SDR) flexibility. This demo also illustrates how the ADRV9002 platform solution can be developed with ADI’s advanced set of hardware and software tools enabling rapid prototyping and target system deployment.

Complete 5G mmW BTS solution from Bits-to-Beams with Antenna-In-Board Turnkey Reference Design

ADI’s latest of 5G mmW Solutions from Bits-To-Beams are here! This reference design showcases the fully internally developed antenna-in-board (AiB) mmW IF-to-beams front-end with all-ADI ICs addressing 24-29.5GHz FR2 bands in a 4T4R configuration, as well as the ultrawideband software-defined-radio MxFE Transceiver capable of supporting 4 & 8 stream hybrid beamforming systems. The AiB includes the complete power tree, mmW up/downconverters, 16 channel dual-polarized beamformers and phased array antennas with best-in-class efficiency and EIRP customizable for use cases spanning CPEs, repeaters, indoor / outdoor small cells or high capacity macro BTS deployments.

Instrument-Grade mmWave Transmit Signal Chain

Come and learn about how to use the latest component from Analog Devices to construct a mmWave frequency transmitter that can achieve an order of magnitude lower EVM than the standards limit, enabling instrument grade performance in a small form factor without requiring a complex filter network. We will demonstrate the ADMV1013, a mmWave frequency modulator; the ADF4401A, an ultra-low phase noise translation loop PLL; and the MxFE, high speed Mixed Signal Front End that can directly create RF signals. The all-surface mount component-based signal chain can be used as a reference to rapidly build and deploy test and measurement systems that achieve equal or better performance compared to commercially available signal generators.

Direct-Sampled S-Band 16-Channel Rx/Tx Phased-Array Radar & EW Platform

Learn about ADI’s multi-purpose 16-channel phased-array radar, electronic warfare, & SATCOM platform based on four of the newly-released AD9081 MxFE ICs. The platform integrates ADI's uModules as part of a full system power solution. Targeted to quickly enable customer evaluation within the Aerospace and Defense market, the platform contains functional software, firmware, and HDL to demonstrate multi-chip synchronization as well as system-level spurious, phase noise, and dynamic range improvements for phased-array radar applications. This platform enables low-latency loopback and fast-frequency-hopping demonstrators for electronic warfare.

Additional ADI Solutions at the Richardson RFPD Virtual Booth

RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave Products

Realize the full potential of your new design by leveraging the Industry’s broadest portfolio of discrete and integrated RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave focused products that unlock the entire wireless spectrum from DC to 100 GHz.

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