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Up to 800 MHz SHARC®-FX DSP

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System Features

  • SHARC-FX high performance floating-point core
    • 256-bit vector size
    • Peak performance at 1 GHz core frequency: 24 GFLOPS, 8 GMAC (32-bit float), 16 GMAC (16-bit fixed)
    • 64/512 kB L1 instruction/data RAM with ECC
    • 32/256 kB L1 instruction/data cache with ECC
  • Arm Cortex-M33 connectivity core
    • 400 MHz frequency, 64/128 kB instruction/data RAM with parity protection
  • Memory
    • Parallel operation with dedicated memory, DMA, and multichannel support
    • Up to 16 Mb (2 MB) on-chip L2 SRAM with ECC protection
    • One Level 3 (L3) 16-bit interface to DDR3L SDRAM devices
  • On-board accelerators
    • Two FIR engines (up to 1 GHz, 4 taps per cycle)
    • Four IIR engines (up to 1 GHz, 6 cycles per biquad each)
  • Security
    • Cryptographic hardware accelerators
    • Fast secure boot with IP protection

Package, Key Peripherals, and Compatibility

  • 17 mm × 17 mm, 400-ball BGA_ED (0.8 mm pitch), RoHS compliant
  • Ethernet, HyperBus, CAN-FD, HADC, I2C, ASRC/SPORT
  • ADSP-2156x and ADSP-2159x layout-compatible options
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The ADSP-2183x/ADSP-SC83x digital signal processors (DSPs) are members of the SHARC®-FX family of products. The SHARC-FX core uses a single-instruction, multiple-data (SIMD) vector floating-point architecture and can issue up to four instructions per cycle in most combinations. The SHARC-FX core inside the ADSP-2183x/ADSP-SC83x processors offers processing speeds of up to 1 GHz coupled with up to 2 MB of L2 memory for low latency applications. For applications seeking enhanced connectivity options such as Ethernet, the ADSP-SC834/SC835 includes an Arm® Cortex®-M33 in addition to the SHARC-FX core. All members of the SHARC-FX family have on-board IIR and FIR accelerators as well as an efficient auto-vectorizing compiler for C/C++ programming.

The SHARC-FX core supports scalar and vector operations on all data types in vectors up to 256 bits, including integer, fixed-point, floating-point, complex 16-bit/32-bit fixed-point and complex 32-bit/64-bit floating-point. Eight float32 multiply/accumulate operations are allowed per cycle, with no constraints on alignment. The SHARC-FX core also features large register sets (32 data registers), thus reducing the need for stack save and restore. The peripherals and system architecture of the ADSP-2183x/ADSP-SC83x processors are compatible with previous SHARC processors, allowing for easy application porting.

By integrating a set of industry-leading system peripherals and memory, this family of processors is the platform of choice for applications that require leading-edge signal processing in one integrated package. These applications span a wide array of markets, including automotive, professional audio, and industrial-based applications that require high floating-point performance.


  • Automotive:
    • audio for head units and amplifiers, ANC/RNC, digital cockpit, ICC, AEC/Mic beamforming, ADAS
  • Consumer:
    • speakers, sound bars, AVRs, conferencing systems, mixing consoles, microphone arrays


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