AD9461:  16-Bit, 130 MSPS A/D Converter


The AD9461 is a 16-bit, monolithic, sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with an on-chip track-and-hold circuit. It is optimized for performance, small size, and ease of use. The product operates up to 130 MSPS, providing superior SNR for instrumentation, medical imaging, and radar receivers employing baseband (<100 MHz) and IF frequencies.

The ADC requires 3.3 V and 5.0 V power supplies and a low voltage differential input clock for full performance operation. No external reference or driver components are required for many applications. Data outputs are CMOS or LVDS compatible (ANSI-644 compatible) and include the means to reduce the overall current needed for short trace distances.

Optional features allow users to implement various selectable operating conditions, including input range, data format select, and output data mode.

The AD9461 is available in a Pb-free, 100-lead, surface-mount, plastic package (100-lead TQFP/EP) specified over the industrial temperature range −40°C to +85°C.

Product Highlights

  1. True 16-bit linearity.
  2. High performance: outstanding SNR performance for baseband IFs in data acquisition, instrumentation, magnetic resonance imaging, and radar receivers.
  3. Ease of use: on-chip reference and high input impedance track-and-hold with adjustable analog input range and an output clock simplifies data capture.
  4. Packaged in a Pb-free, 100-lead TQFP/EP package.
  5. Clock duty cycle stabilizer (DCS) maintains overall ADC performance over a wide range of clock pulse widths.
  6. OR (out-of-range) outputs indicate when the signal is beyond the selected input range.


  • MRI receivers
  • Multicarrier, multimode cellular receivers
  • Antenna array positioning
  • Power amplifier linearization
  • Broadband wireless
  • Radar
  • Infrared imaging
  • Communications instrumentation


  • 130 MSPS guaranteed sampling rate (AD9461-130)
  • 78.4 dBFS SNR with 10 MHz input
    (3.4 V p-p input, 130 MSPS)
  • 77.1 dBFS SNR / 85 dBc SFDR with 170 MHz
    input (3.4V p-p input, 130 MSPS)
  • 83 dBc SFDR with 225 MHz input
    (3.4V p-p input, 130 MSPS)
  • TBD dBFS 2-tone SFDR with 170 MHz and 170 MHz (130 MSPS)
  • 60 fsec rms jitter
  • Excellent linearity
    DNL = ±0.6 LSB typical
    INL = ±4.0 LSB typical
  • 2.0 V p-p to 4.0 V p-p differential full-scale input
  • Buffered analog inputs
  • LVDS outputs (ANSI-644 compatible) or CMOS outputs
  • Data format select (offset binary or twos complement)
  • Output clock available

Functional Block Diagram for AD9461


在直流耦合应用中驱动此ADC时,建议使用 ADA4938-1。在交流耦合应用中驱动此ADC时,建议使用 AD8352AD8375


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AD9461: 16-Bit, 130 MSPS IF Sampling ADC Data Sheet (Rev 0, 05/2006) (pdf, 813 kB) 产品数据手册 PDF
AN-1142: 高速ADC PCB布局布线技巧  (pdf, 392 kB) 应用笔记 PDF
AN-1142: Techniques for High Speed ADC PCB Layout  (pdf, 392 kB) 应用笔记 PDF
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AN-808: Multicarrier CDMA2000 Feasibility  (pdf, 1535 kB)
The goal of this application note is to determine the feasibility of implementing a multicarrier CDMA2000 transceiver and what the major subsystem performances must be.
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MS-2210:高速ADC的电源设计  (pdf, 327 kB) 技术文章 PDF
ADCs Offer True 16-bit Resolution
(ECN, 5/1/2006)
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原理图符号和PCB封装— ADI公司提供与当今众多CAD系统兼容的原理图符号和PCB封装(Symbols & Footprints),以便更广泛、更轻松地使用。





  • 针对第二奈奎斯特区的频率,推荐使用AD8352AD8375 差分驱动器。
  • 针对直流耦合应用,推荐使用ADA4938-1
推荐AD9461使用的时钟驱动器 推荐电源解决方案
  • 欲选择电压调节器产品,请使用ADIsimPower






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