DRO/VCO Modules

The Analog Devices portfolio of dielectric resonant oscillators (DROs) and voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) offer excellent output power and phase noise performance over temperature and cover a range of applications and uses to meet the needs of industrial, medical, aerospace and defense, EW, ECM, and communications markets. Our DRO modules are a natural choice for applications in fixed tuned or narrowband tunable configuration, while our selection of VCOs play a key role in providing reliable frequency generation for RF and microwave communication and test systems.
Product Selection Table

DRO-VCO Modules

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SortOrderPart#RF Primary FunctionFreq Response RF
Freq Response RF
Output PowerPhase Noise @ 10k
Phase Noise @ 100k
1HMC-C200 Dielectric Resonator Oscillator 8G 8.3G 13 dBm -122 -140 6.5 116m
2HMC-C073 Wideband VCO Module 38.4G 43.2G 13 dBm -74 -98 5 350m
3HMC-C030 Wideband VCO Module 8G 12.5G 21 dBm -59 -83 12 195m
4HMC-C028 Wideband VCO Module 4G 8G 20 dBm -75 -95 12 185m
5HMC-C029 Wideband VCO Module 5G 10G 20 dBm -64 -93 12 195m