Analog Devices’ broad selection of wideband attenuators, fixed value attenuators, digital attenuators and voltage variable attenuators (VVA) give designers the flexibility to select a part that perfectly suits their application requirements. Analog Devices' offers narrowband and wideband attenuators that are versatile and reliable enough for space, communications, military and industrial markets.

Analog Design Tool: ADIsimRF™

ADIsimRF is an easy-to-use RF signal chain calculator. It calculates Cascaded Gain, Noise Figure, IP3, P1dB and Power Consumption. The number of stages can be varied up to a maximum of 20. Stages can be easily inserted, removed or temporarily muted.


Digital Step Attenuators

ADI broadband IC digital attenuators offer excellent attenuation and come in low cost, leadless surface mount packages.

Fixed Attenuators

The ADI family of wideband, fixed value, 50 Ω matched attenuator products offer relative attenuation levels that range up to 20 dB.

Voltage Variable Attenuators

ADI absorptive and monolithic voltage variable attenuators (VVAs) ensure accurate control for a wide range of communications, microwave, and other applications.