Multi-Channel (≥8) denseDACs®

Analog Devices denseDAC® products represent a unique portfolio of highly integrated multi-channel precision DACs in small footprints with the following features:
  • 8-/16-/32-/40- channels
  • 12- to 16-bits resolution
  • Bipolar (±15V ) or single supply (3V or 5V)
  • Voltage output
The AD536x/7x denseDACs® also feature:
  • Programmable output span of 4 x VREF
  • Offset DAC for programmable output range
  • On-chip offset and gain registers for system calibration
  • Channel grouping and addressing
  • Clear function to user-defined SIGGNDx
  • On-chip monitor mux (AD536x)
denseDACs® are used in a broad range of applications, particularly where many precision DAC channels are required in a small footprint e.g. base-station power amplifiers, optical switches, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and instrumentation.


Circuit from the lab Circuits from the Lab™ reference circuits are engineered and tested for quick and easy system integration.
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Key denseDAC® families

Family Resolution # of Channels Voltage Supply Interface
AD536x/7x 16-/14-bit 8/16/32/40 ±15V, 3V/5V supply SPI
AD5378/9 14-bit 32/40 ±15V, 3V/5V supply SPI/Parallel
AD5516/32 14-bit 16/32 ±15V, 3V/5V supply SPI
AD539x/8x 14-/12-bit 8/16/32/40 3V/5V single supply SPI/I2C/Parallel
AD56x8/x9R 16 -/14-/12-bit 8 3V/5V single supply SPI or I2C

Documentation & Resources


Featured Circuits From the Lab:

  • CN0149: 40 Channels of Programmable Industrial Level Output Span Using the AD5370 16-Bit Voltage Output DAC
  • CN0030: AD5390/AD5391/AD5392 Channel Monitor Function
  • CN0029: 8 to 16 Channels of Programmable Voltage with Excellent Temperature Drift Performance Using the AD5390/AD5391/AD5392 DACs
  • CN0008: Output Channel Monitoring Using the AD5380 Multichannel DAC
  • CN0007: 40 Channels of Programmable Voltage with Excellent Temperature Drift Performance Using the AD5380 DAC
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