USB-C and USB Power Delivery Solutions


Every electronic market is rapidly adopting the latest USB Type-C® and USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) specifications. The new USB Type-C cable and connector specification dramatically simplifies the way we interconnect and power our electronic gadgets such as smartphones and ultra-thin portable computers. With the proliferation of battery-operated devices for consumer (Figure 1), medical, automotive, and industrial applications, USB-C is increasingly becoming the preferred universal standard for charging and powering of devices. The USB-C specification supports charging Figure 1. USB-C Cable in the Consumer Space applications up to 15W, while USB power delivery (PD) extends charging up to 100W to include a wide variety of devices. Accordingly, more functionality is required from the power management system, which tends to be smaller and lighter for every new portable device. This design guide reviews the USB Type-C architecture and its associated technological challenges. It then examines new solutions to address these challenges in the area of power management, protection, and voltage regulation through several examples. Read full article.