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E-Band Radio

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Signal Chains


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When it comes to moving lots of data quickly, E-band radio offers a high capacity, high speed, and highly scalable alternative or complement to fiber optic cables and microwave backhaul networks. E-band radio leverages wireless frequencies from 70 GHz to 80 GHz to improve on the speed and capacity of microwave backhaul networks without the capital outlay, intensive planning, and lengthy deployment cycles of fiber optic cable. This agile, over-the-air technology can enable service providers to realize generational growth from 4G to 5G and 5GmmW networks in a much shorter time frame.

Whether you’re creating a new network or supplementing existing fiber optic cable, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) provides a complete ecosystem of solutions for wireless network coverage and backhaul requirements. Our mmW E-band radio backhaul chipset solutions enable 5G networks in a variety of environments, from dense urban centers to remote rural areas. E-band is an ideal solution for buildings where connectivity is needed but fiber optics are not available or need additional support. Tune in to E-Band advantages.

The Backhaul Network Trifecta

E-band radio drastically reduces the hurdles of site acquisition and installation, so it can be deployed quickly in environments where fiber optic cable does not yet exist or may not be feasible to install. By integrating new E-band radio units (RUs) with an existing fiber optic hub, you can easily extend high speed wireless access into hard-to-reach areas at the far reaches of the network. You can also boost site link capacity at legacy microwave backhaul sites by integrating E-band RUs at the same location.

E-band radio units (RUs) with an existing fiber optic hub

Complementing current backhaul technologies with E-band radio units enables service providers to achieve widespread 5G rollout more quickly in markets with significant wireless infrastructure limitations. Globally widespread licensing access to the E-band spectrum makes E-band radio an ideal solution to help bring next-generation wireless service to remote and developing regions.

Benefits of E-Band Radio

  • High capacity future-proof technology delivering link speeds up to and exceeding 10 Gbps.
  • Scalability through multiband solutions that build upon and coexist with current infrastructure.
  • Cost-effective alternative to fiber optic cable.
  • Accelerated time to market, with or without existing infrastructure.
  • Secure encrypted links to address business concerns.
  • Small physical form factor ideal for crowded urban skylines.
  • Global licensing access to the E-band spectrum.
  • Direct, concentrated beam for less complex interference management.

ADI and the High Frequency Future of Wireless

Building on our rich heritage in microwave and mmW backhaul technology, ADI’s complete E-band surface-mount packaged solution targets performance and integration challenges. It incorporates a highly integrated mixed-signal analog front end, integrated RFICs to enable gain control and programmable filtering, and a highly integrated E-band up/downconverter solution featuring PA, VGA, and LNA to meet market cost and output power demands.

E-Band Chipset Solution
71 to 76 GHz & 81 to 86 GHz

LGA surface mount packages

LGA surface-mount packages delivering highest power. Highly integrated chipset to target cost-optimized, high volume production.

Addressing the full E-Band spectrum

Multifunction integration, including waveguide, to reduce chip count and engineering design effort while addressing the full E-Band spectrum.

Digital to analog baseband and power attach

Full signal chain solution to include digital to analog baseband and power attach. Bare die also available for module-based solutions.

Making the Leap to 5G mmW with E-Band Radio

Replacing or supplementing fiber optic cable with E-band radio can help deliver the latest 5G and 5G millimeter wave (mmW) service faster and farther than fiber optics alone by leveraging wireless frequencies over 70 GHz, enabling generational network growth in record time.

Tune in to E-Band advantages

Enabling 5G Networks Through High Capacity mmW Wireless Backhaul