Features and Benefits

  • Allows evaluation and prototyping of 60 GHz wireless data links to replace traditional mechanical connectors in moving joints
  • 1 Gbps Ethernet interface on both sides of the wireless data link
  • Fully programmable system allowing ultimate flexibility for custom developments
  • Open-source software stack for firmware development  
  • Open-source GUI for system configuration, monitoring, and control

Product Details

The ADMV96S-WGBE-EK1 is a complete evaluation and prototyping system for 60 GHz wireless data links. It consists of a pair of receiver and transmitter boards with a 1Gbp Ethernet interface on each side of the wireless link.

The 60 GHz wireless link is implemented by the ADMV9615 and ADMV9525 modules. These are coupled with a SerDes device which translates the modules’ SGMII interface to RGMII so that it can be connected to an ADIN1300 industrial low latency and low power 1 Gbps Ethernet PHY. This enables each side of the wireless link to act as an Ethernet port and essentially create a seamless wire-like connection between two ends of an Ethernet cable.

The on-board MAX32650 ultralow power ARM® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller controls the system’s operation and implements the algorithms to configure the wireless link in real time so that optimal link quality is constantly maintained over temperature and various operating conditions. An open-source software stack is provided for firmware development as well as reference applications. The MAX32650 can be programmed through a programming port which can also be used for firmware debugging.

The two sides of the wireless link are mounted on an adjustable rail so that the system can be configured and tested for various distances between the links. Each side of the link is powered from an external 12 V power supply.

An open-source GUI is provided for system configuration, monitoring, and control from a host PC.


  • 60 GHz wireless data links for industrial and medical high data rate applications
  • High speed data for rotating applications, such as slip rings and magnetic resonance imaging systems
  • Autonomous guided vehicles
  • Mechanical Connector replacement

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