Features and Benefits

The ADI ToF system uses a VGA CCD that enables the user to capture a 640x480 depth map of an image, providing up to 4x higher resolution than many other TOF systems on the market. This enables users to detect and measure the distance to smaller and thinner objects that would otherwise be invisible to other ToF systems. More information is included in our ToF technology page.

  • Range: <6m
  • FoV: 90° x 69.2°
  • Wavelength 940nm
  • Near: 25cm – 80cm
  • Medium: 30cm – 4.5m
  • Far: 3m – 6m
  • Accuracy < 2% for all ranges
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps max (dependent on application processor, OS and interface to host computer)
  • Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels 
  • Multiple interface options to PC (USB, ETH, WiFi)
  • ToF specific API for system control & data acquisition
  • Operating system for Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Complete open source software framework: wrappers for MATLAB®, Python, RobotOS
  • Platform allows for software/algorithm development while hardware can be optimized
  • 3rd Party network to help modify platform for individual production needs

Product Details

The AD-96TOF1-EBZ is a proven hardware platform for depth perception. When paired with processor board from the 96Boards eco system, it can be used for 3D software and algorithm development. While the software and algorithms are being developed, the hardware design can be leveraged for productization. ADI can suggest 3rd party developers to help customize the platform to meet individual application needs.

Depending on customer preferences and development experience, different 96Boards processor boards can be used for overall system evaluation and custom development. There is also a Raspberry Pi interface available on the Mezzanine board for extra customer flexibility.

This solution offers the ability to be very small and low power while measuring depth at up to 6m distances, good outdoor and indoor performance and VGA resolution.

It can be used for applications like:

  • Robotics
  • Industrial automation
  • SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Drones
  • Automotive sensing

Getting Started

  • The analog front end mezzanine board contains the receiving optic lens, Panasonic ToF CCD sensor and Analog Devices 3D Compute processor.
  • The laser board contains the necessary driver and control circuitry and lasers to illuminate the target scene. Four VCSELs are arranged on the PCB at 90⁰ orientation to each other in circular format. Each laser has a natural dispersion of 110⁰ horizontal by 85⁰ vertical, transmitting at 940nm. System design allows a max possible transmit power of <20% of the Class 1 limit.
  • System Assembly: The Laser board attaches to the Mezzanine board which plugs into a compatible 96Boards base processor board (the recommended board for best out-of-box experience is the DragonBoard™ 410c). The available Analog Devices software download has been developed and optimized to run on this platform.

System Requirements

Customers seeking to modify the AD-96TOF1-EBZ hardware should have technical knowledge in TOF, optics, and imaging systems. For customers that do not have the necessary experience, Analog Devices is allied with various design partners who can help with modification.


Evaluation Software

AD-96TOF1-EBZ Evaluation Software
The 3D ToF Rapid Prototyping Platform supports a wide range of operating systems and programming languages.