Features and Benefits

  • 10-bit SAR ADC 
    -- 8 Multiplexed Analog Input Channels 
    -- Single-ended mode of operation
    -- Differential mode of operation 
    -- 5 V analog input range
    -- VREF, 2 × VREF, or 4 × VREF input ranges
  • 4 monotonic, 10-bit, 5 V DACs
    -- 2µs settling time
    -- Power-on reset to 0 V 
    -- 10 mA sink and source capability
  • Internal temperature sensor
    -- ±1°C accuracy
  • 12 general-purpose Digital I/O pins
  • Internal 1.25 V reference
  • Built-in monitoring features
    -- Minimum and maximum value register for each channel
    -- Programmable alert thresholds
    -- Programmable hysteresis
  • See data sheet for additional features

Product Details

The AD7292 contains all the functionality required for general-purpose monitoring of analog signals and control of external devices, integrated into a single-chip solution. The AD7292 features an 8-channel, 10-bit SAR ADC, four 10-bit DACs, a ±1°C accurate internal temperature sensor, and 12 GPIOs to aid system monitoring and control.

The 10-bit, high speed, low power successive approximation register (SAR) ADC is designed to monitor a variety of single-ended input signals. Differential operation is also available by configuring VIN0 and VIN1 to operate as a differential pair.

The AD7292 offers a register programmable ADC sequencer, which enables the selection of a programmable sequence of channels for conversion.

Four 10-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) provide outputs from 0 V to 5 V. An internal, high accuracy, 1.25 V reference provides a separately buffered reference source for both the ADC and the DACs.

A high accuracy band gap temperature sensor is monitored and digitized by the 10-bit ADC to give a resolution of 0.03125°C. The AD7292 also features built-in limit and alarm functions.

The AD7292 is a highly integrated solution offered in a 36-lead LFCSP package with an operating temperature range of −40°C to +125°C.


  • Base Station Power Amplifier (PA) Monitoring and Control
  • RF Control Loops
  • Optical Communication System Control
  • General-Purpose System Monitoring and Control

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Software & Systems Requirements

Product Recommendations

AD7292 Companion Parts

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  • For SPI Interface, low power, 5.0 kVrms isolation: ADUM4401.
  • For SPI Interface, smallest package, low voltage I/O (1.8 V to 5.5 V): ADUM3481.
  • For SPI Interface, lowest power, 2.5 kVrms isolation: ADUM1401.
  • For SPI Interface, enhanced system-level ESD performance, 2.5 kVrms isolation: ADUM3401.

Recommended Driver Amplifiers

Recommended External Voltage References - 5.0V

  • For high accuracy, low noise, low temperature drift: ADR435, ADR4550.
  • For applications requiring the lowest noise performance and output trim adjust: ADR445.
  • For a reference buffer amplifier: OP177, ADA4077-2.

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