USB Isolators

USB isolators protect the communication interface between the host, such as a PC, and its peripheral. Utilizing iCoupler® digital isolation technology, Analog Devices offers USB 2.0 compliant SOIC components with data rates up to 12 Mbps that provide EMC protection and safety isolation, reduce design size and time, and lower system cost. Galvanically isolated USB μModule® (micromodule) transceivers integrate the USB interface with an isolated dc-to-dc converter for up to 2.5 W of isolated power and provide ±15 kV ESD. Whether for host, hub, bus splitter, or peripheral device, these transparent USB digital isolators are easy to use—they just work—all while meeting the demanding standards required for medical and industrial applications.
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Safety and Regulatory Compliance Information

The iCoupler family of digital isolation products have been tested and approved by various regulatory agencies, including UL, CSA, VDE, TÜV, CQC, ATEX and IECEx. This table summarizes the achieved ratings for each product and includes links to copies of the actual safety certificates.

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EMC Resources

Whether as a component or as part of a larger system level solution, EMC compliance must be met, and the best EMC design practices occur at the start of the design. Be prepared for the certification process and get ahead of the game with our selection of resources.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Resources