SHARC Processor Workshops and Webcasts

Online Training Modules

This series of on-demand and in-depth technical training modules provide you with the knowledge on how you can shorten your development cycle without ever leaving your desk.

The modules cover a wide range of topics that address different stages of your development cycle - from the fundamentals of Analog Devices' development tools to tips on how you can optimize your system performance. These modules are designed to be used independently or in combination, depending on the experience and interest of the viewer.

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Webcast: Analog Devices' SHARC ADSP-2146x Processors

Learn about the newest member of Analog Devices' SHARC family, the ADSP-2146X. The family offers improved computing performance\power metrics, enhanced memory options and code flexibility and optimization. The ADSP-2146X doubles the MIPS performance of the ADSP-2136X family and comes with a robust peripheral set designed to enable a wide range of industrial applications.

Sponsored by AvnetJoin Satya Simha, Senior Product Marketing Manager for SHARC DSP Products at Analog Devices Inc., for a detailed overview of the new ADSP-2146X family of SHARC DSPs including:

  • SHARC processor portfolio overview
  • ADSP-2146x features and benefits
    • Improved computing power/performance
    • Enhanced memory
    • Accelerator architecture
    • Code optimization and flexibility
    • New peripherals
  • Device selection
  • CROSSCORE® development tools

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Webcast: Advantages of SHARC Processors in Test/Measurement Applications

Analog Devices SHARC® processors offer best-in-class performance for the given power and cost, creating a vast range of advantages in different industrial environments where performance is critical. With a powerful engine for FFT and signal analysis and wide dynamic range processing for complex computation, SHARC processors are ideal for optimizing test and measurement applications such as lab test equipment and power and process control systems.

Sponsored by AvnetJoin David Miller, Applications Engineering Manager at Analog Devices, for a webcast covering the following topics:

  • The Harvard Architecture
  • SIMD core
  • Memory architecture and I/O bandwidth
  • Mathematics – filters and FFT
  • Performance and capacities
  • Extensive network of partners
  • CROSSCORE® and VisualDSP++® development tools

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SHARC Processor Family – ADSP-21469

The SHARC® Processor family makes floating point processing economical in applications where dynamic range is a key consideration such as home and car audio, medical, industrial and instrumentation.

Sponsored by AvnetJoin David Miller, Applications Engineering Manager at Analog Devices, for a webcast covering the following topics:
  • SHARC floating-point product portfolio
  • Features, benefits and market-specific advantages
  • Performance and integration levels
  • ADI and third-party audio algorithm libraries
  • CROSSCORE® development tools

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Multi-Day Workshops

In-depth technical training designed to develop a strong working knowledge of embedded processors and development tools through lecture and hands-on exercises.

SHARC System Development and Programming (ADSP-215xx/SC5xx/214xx/213xx)

Teaches you how to efficiently design with the ADSP-215xx/SC5xx/214xx/213xx SHARC® processors. Hands-on training is provided, using the latest VisualDSP++ development tools (with both assembly and 'C' programming languages). Presented by Kaztek Systems' ADI-trained instructors. Detailed course description.

Duration: 3 1/2 Day
Language: English
Register early and save 6% on the workshop fee:
$1500 USD (North America) / €1500 EUR (Europe) - If paid on or before the Run/Cancel Decision Date
$1595 USD (North America) / €1595 EUR (Europe) - If paid after the Run/Cancel Decision Date

Note: Run/Cancel Decision Date is 3 weeks prior to workshop date.

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